About us

Welcome to the official website of the Centre for Social Inclusion Sibenik!

Creation of a website was financed by the European Union as part of the "Decide and Go" project (UP.

For us, inclusion means the right to an equal and active life in the community; it means that people with disabilities should be full members of the community, included in the community, with the support of the community.

The Centre for Social Inclusion Sibenik is a voluntary form of association of natural and legal persons established to provide, encourage and support the process of inclusion of children and young people with developmental disabilities, persons with intellectual disabilities, persons with other types of disabilities and persons with psychosocial difficulties in the natural social the middle.

Director: dr.sc. Maria Alfirev

About us

Centre for Social Inclusion Sibenik is user of institutional support of National Foundation for Civil Society Development for the stabilization and development of the association