Our team

With our work, we change the paradigm of thinking and create an inclusive society!

Inclusion Šibenik was founded with the aim of encouraging social inclusion and raising the quality of life in the community. Through our continuous work, we promote the values ​​of a society that values ​​diversity and that discovers unique values ​​in each of its members.

dr. sc. Marija Alfirev


Anita Škugor, dipl. oecc.

Account manager 

Romana Skočić, mag. soc. i paed.

Social services manager 

Kristina Šubašić, PE Teacher


Ivana Mučalo, mag.edu. hist. i edu. phil.

Work activities coordinator 

Anamarija Hrg, dipl.oecc.

Senior assistant in organized housing

Josipa Bralić, dipl. tourism management oec.

Project and programme coordinator 

Centre for Social Inclusion Sibenik is user of institutional support of National Foundation for Civil Society Development for the stabilization and development of the association