Psychosocial help

The Centre for Social Inclusion Šibenik implements a social service of psychosocial support for people with disabilities.

The service is carried out through individual conversations and group workshops where the development of cognitive, functional, communication or social skills is encouraged. Psychosocial support is provided by professionals, members of the professional team trained to provide support. In addition to regular education and training, expert team meetings are held where individual progress, needs of the involved persons and work plans are assessed.

Psychosocial support is provided directly to a person with a disability, taking into account individual needs and specific situations in which the person finds himself. Parents, children, spouses, sisters or brothers, social workers, employment counsellors and other important persons in the life of the person receiving psychosocial support are often involved. Their participation is necessary and desirable in order for the support to be comprehensive and for the persons receiving the support to feel safe, well informed and supported.

As part of the provision of psychosocial support services, self-advocacy and improvement of communication skills are worked on, and in this way the abilities to establish successful positively oriented communication with other people are strengthened.

Psychosocial help

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