Supported housing

The Centre for Social Inclusion Šibenik provides a social housing service with support (organized housing) for people with disabilities (intellectual disabilities) based on the Agreement on Mutual Relations with the Ministry of Labour.

Housing with support (Organized housing) is a social service that provides housing in a housing unit with permanent or occasional professional and other help and support in providing basic life needs and social, work, cultural, educational, recreational and other needs.  The goal of organized housing is to establish and maintain their social roles, equalize their opportunities, improve the quality of life, encourage active and independent living and social inclusion, depending on the needs of the users.

The Ministry of Labour licensed us 5 housing units with 25 places, and concluded a contract on the provision of organized housing services for 24 people with intellectual disabilities. Four residential units are in the area of ​​Šibenik and one in the area of ​​Vodice.

Support in housing communities depends on the individual needs of people, and is provided by assistants in organized housing, senior assistants, work instructors/coordinators of work activities, coordinators/representatives and heads of social services. In one residential community, support is comprehensive, in three, daily intensive support is provided, while in one residential community, daily short-term support is provided. The professional team continuously educates support assistants and volunteers. Planning and evaluation of work is carried out at monthly meetings of the professional team.

The basic principles of work are personally oriented approach and personally oriented planning, active support and self-representation. People who use the supported housing service are actively involved in decision-making processes, making and evaluating a personally oriented program, and evaluating the assistants who provide them with active support. Support is based on the right to choose and active participation in choosing new communities, choosing new roommates or roommates, decisions about and during employment, as well as in all other everyday life situations.

Supported housing

Centre for Social Inclusion Sibenik is user of institutional support of National Foundation for Civil Society Development for the stabilization and development of the association